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Rules of conduct & precautions in GYM

  1. General provisions

1.1. One must follow the Rules of conduct in a public place inside the Health & Fitness Complex. Mutual respect is a guarantee of comfort both for the visitor & the staff.

1.2 The Rules of conduct are equal for all the visitors. They must become familiar with the present Rules of service using. Service payment constitutes a visitor’s agreement with the present Rules. The customer is obliged to familiarize all his visitors with the present Rules.

1.2. One must have a set of change shoes & change clothes for trainings. For security purposes it’s forbidden to train barefoot, in socks, wearing beach shoes, slippers, etc. It’s not recommended to wear poignant perfumes before trainings. Clothes must be clean, neat.

1.3. In Health & Fitness Center it’s forbidden:

- Smoking, drug & toxic substance taking, alcoholic drinking inside the Health & Fitness Center are gross violations of the Rules of conduct in public places, involving administrative responsibility.

- to bring food in the training area;

- to use musical & other HFC equipment independently, without informing the staff.

- to fetch pets.

- to place ads, promotion materials, to interview & to distribute goods, to perform campaign activity inside the Health & Fitness Complex without a written management permission.

- to bring explosive, deflagrable & other substances that might threaten human health & life.

- to enter HFC technical rooms & basements, not provided for trainings & competitions.

- for those who are event responsible to pass the locker room keys to strangers.

1.4. A visitor, a trainer is responsible for rent sport equipment.

1.5. To keep & to support HFC facilities neat & tidy, keep general & personal hygiene rules as well as ones of fire safety. To treat sport equipments carefully, don’t spoil the floor covering.

1.6. To follow the hall managers’ directions & demands.

1.7. The management is not liable for injuries & accidents, happened due to the Rules of conduct breaking in HFC.

1.8. The management is not liable for loss of any valuable left unguarded.

1.9.The HFC management has right to deny service to a visitor if he breaks the public order or creates a menace to human life, health or other visitors’ rest.

1.10. Persons having violated the Rules deprive of the right to visit trainings in HFC without any subsequent indemnity.

  1. Rules of conduct in the gym

Before entering the gym

2.1. Trainer-Teacher or one appointed responsible gets keys of the locker rooms from the hall manager 30 minutes before the event.

2.2. The one who is to train should change in the locker room, put sport uniform & shoes with light soles.

2.3. Take off objects that might be dangerous for himself or for others who train (watches, pendant ear-rings, etc.

2.4. To remove sharp & other foreign objects from the pockets of the sport uniform.

2.5. Trainer-Teacher or one responsible for sport events arranging is obliged to do safety & HTC Rules of conduct brief.

While training

2.6. To enter the hall, to take the sport equipment etc , only with Trainer-Teacher or the hall manager permission.

2.7. To treat any sport equipment carefully & to use it according to its intended purpose.

2.8. To know & to follow the easiest game rules.

2.9. Don’t disturb himself & don’t disturb others while training.

2.10. To cease training & to inform Trainer-Teacher or the hall manager if you are injured or don’t feel well.

2.11. To exit the gym only with Trainer-Teacher or the hall manager permission.

2.12. Those who are responsible for trainings or other sport events must provide presence of skilled attendant in HFC.

After training

2.13. To shut down the water after having a shower.

2.14. To exit from the locker room to the corridor dressed up.

2.15. Trainer or one appointed responsible for the events gives keys of the locker rooms to the hall administrator during 30 minutes after the event has been over.

The participant may be not admitted or suspended trainings for non-compliance with the Rules & security measures.