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Conventionally every  hotel room capacity offer to their guests several option of accommodation. Therefore possible to choose affordable room price, amenities, furnishing. The very first day of staying can be much more comfortable if you let us know all you desire.

  • Economy


    from 2600 rub.

    “Economy” is a room of the 2nd category. Hotel “RECORD” offers 22 rooms of this category. Among individual rooms there are…

  • Standard


    from 3400 rub.

    «STANDARD” is a room of the 1st category. Hotel “RECORD” offers 12 “STANDARD” rooms. Each room has a bathroom with a…

  • Comfort


    from 3700 rub.

    «COMFORT” is a room of the 1st category. Hotel “RECORD” offers 18 “COMFORT” rooms. There are 2 rooms in Comfort room,…

  • Standard with Kitchen

    Standard with Kitchen

    from 3800 rub.

    First class STANDARD WITH KITCHEN Room. There is 1 STANDARD WITH KITCHEN Room in the Hotel RECORD. The Hotel RECORD is…

  • Business


    from 4900 rub.

    First class BUSINESS rooms. There are 9 BUSINESS rooms in the Hotel RECORD. We offer you extra comfort BUSINESS rooms. One…

  • Business plus

    Business plus

    from 5000 rub.

    First class BUSINESS PLUS room. There is 1 BUSINESS PLUS room in the Hotel RECORD Our guests will like a spacious…

  • Deluxe


    from 5600 rub.

    First class DELUXE room. There is 1 DELUXE room in the Hotel RECORD The Hotel RECORD offers to book the DELUXE…