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Privacy Policy

Hotel “RECORD” (hereinafter referred to as the Hotel) represents and warrants that any personal data obtained from guests will be processed in compliance with the provisions set out in the Constitution of the Russian Federation, in Federal Law No. 149-FZ “Concerning Information, IT and Information Security” dated 07/27/2006, in Federal Law No. 152-FZ “Concerning Personal Data” dated 07/27/2006, as well as according to the guidelines specified under Migration Registration, Hotel Property Security and Service Coverage Laws using all necessary logistical measures to provide personal data security within the competence of the Hotel in order to prevent any modification, loss, unlawful use or unauthorized access thereof.

The Hotel will bear responsibility for improper use of confidential guest’s information, in particular, any personal booking data obtained through Internet.

Logging and using the Hotel web-site and mail services

You can visit our web-site leaving no personal information – i.e. you can use the rights of an anonymous user for looking through the Hotel proposals. You can estimate our pricing; you can receive information about the Hotel and services. Should you want to book any rooms on a particular date, you will be requested to provide your contact details thereby to be authorized to use our services.

The Hotel will not share guests’ personal data with any third parties.

On booking a room, the following details will be held by the Hotel: first and last names, address, telephone number, e-mail, hotel booking date, time of arrival and departure, and “Additional Information for the Hotel” (if any). Details of a booking date and IP address will be logged up, as well.

You personal data will be used once only for identifying booking, execution and settlement details for the purpose of services provided by the Hotel. In addition to approval, you may obtain changes in your booking details.

On arriving to the Hotel and passing the registration procedure, you may enter into an agreement to use your personal data for particular limited purposes. On leaving the Hotel, you can make an agreement in order to receive and use special offers from the Hotel for your benefits. The Hotel will use your personal e-mail for providing proper offers only. No information about our best process will be provided without your consent. Your personal e-mail will be removed from the recipient list immediately after you refuse using our mail services. The Hotel will terminate processing your personal data against your application made in writing on the date the application is received by the Hotel.

Sharing data with third parties

The Hotel will not hold guests’ personal data neither sell nor share such information with any third parties other than in the events when the Hotel undertakes to provide personal information under the Law of the Russian Federation. It is the corporate Hotel philosophy to show respect to any personal information

The right to receive information

Subject to the law that regulates personal data security, you will be entitled to be notified about saving personal details, as well as to use the right to correct, ban or cancel such details.

If you have any questions, claims or applications as to selecting, processing or using personal data, please contact us at: 3, 1634, Zelenograd, Moscow, 124365.

The Hotel will guarantee full confidentiality of your information provided for consideration in writing.