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Rules of accommodation

Rules of accommodation at the hotel and using hotel services at the hotel “RECORD”

1. General terms

1.1. These rules of accommodation at the hotel and using hotel services at the hotel «RECORD» are developed in accordance with Federal Law of the Russian Federation from 09th October 2015 №1085 «On approval of the Rules of providing hotel services in the Russian Federation».

1.2. Working time of the Hotel – around-the-clock.

Check-in time – 14.00, check-out time – 12.00 o’clock Moscow time.

Official website:

1.3. These rules are allowed to make changes by mutual consent between the Executor and the Consumer, previously confirmed by document evidence.

2. Information about services, the procedure of registration of staying at the hotel and payment for services

2.1. The Hotel has the right to conclude with legal entities and physical person agreements for reservation of available places and providing hotel services.

2.2. The contract for services provision with individuals is made upon presentation by guest, customer the document, proving his identity, issued in established order, in accordance with the item 19 of Federal Law of the Russian Federation from 09th October 2015 №1085 «On approval of the Rules of providing hotel services in the Russian Federation».

2.3. Guest, customer may reserve a room in advance. Room reservation can be made by filling an application form by telephone, email and Fax, as well as by direct contact to reception, allowing to establish that the request comes from the guest or the customer.


2.4. In room application for reservation must be indicated: company details or document’s data, certifying the identity of physical persons; the number of guests, their surnames and nationalities; date and time of arrival, departure; the number and categories of rooms; payment type.

2.5. For the implementation of a guaranteed reservation the Hotel receives prepayment (daily rate of reserved room), total amount or authorizes client’s credit card for the total amount of accommodation of category (categories) of room (rooms), that was (were) reserved by guest, customer.

2.6. The room in the Hotel can be provided for guests upon presentation the document, proving their identity, issued in established order, in accordance with the item 19 of Federal Law of the Russian Federation from 09th October 2015 №1085 «On approval of the Rules of providing hotel services in the Russian Federation».


2.7. Registration of foreign citizens and stateless persons at the place of stay at the Hotel and removing them from the register at the place of stay is made in accordance with the Rules of the migration registration of foreign citizens and stateless persons in the Russian Federation, approved by Federal Law from 15th January 2007 №9 « On the procedure of migration registration of foreign citizens and stateless persons in the Russian Federation».

2.8. The Hotel administration doesn’t provide services for temporary accommodation of foreign citizens and stateless persons in case of absence of documents, proving their lawful presence on the territory of the Russian Federation.

2.9. Payment for provided services is carried out according to the price list for services, approved by the order of the general director of the Hotel. You can learn the price list for accommodation services and for additional services in the information folder at the reception of the Hotel.

2.10. Upon accommodation, guest provides the bill or voucher (customer’s data) when the reservation is paid or contributes 100% amount for the whole period of accommodation in the Hotel according to the current price list, and also fills the application form №5 (for Russian citizens). Guest is responsible for the data that he provides.

2.11. Accommodation is charged according to the unified checkout time – 12.00 of the current day Moscow time.

2.12. Upon accommodation of the guest after 00 hrs 00 minutes before fixed checkout time (early check-in), payment for stay is a half of the daily rate of reserved room, under condition of the term 2.13.

2.13. In case of non-guaranteed reservation, accommodation of the guest before checkout time is made only if there are rooms available of reservations.

2.14. In case of accommodation not more than for one day (24 hours) the payment is charged per day. In case of guaranteed reservation the Hotel awaits the guest till checkout time of the day, following the day of the scheduled arrival day. In case of untimely cancellation of reservation, lateness or no-show of the guest, the guest or the customer will be charged to pay for the actual downtime of the room, but not more than for one day. In case of lateness for more than one day, the reservation is cancelled. In case of non-guaranteed reservation, the Hotel awaits the guest till 18.00 from checkout time of the arrival day, after what the reservation is cancelled. In this case accommodation at the Hotel will be made on a first-come first-served basis based on availability of rooms.

2.15. In case of delay of departure fee will be charged in the following order:

- from 12.00 till 18.00 – payment of the half cost of the day;

- from 18.00  – payment of the full cost of the day;

2.16. In case of necessity for prolongation of accommodation at the Hotel, Guest must contact the reception. If there is available room of this category at the Hotel, period of stay can be extended according to the term 2.16. In case of prolongation of accommodation, administration of the Hotel doesn’t guarantee rooms’ availability.

2.17. In case of prolongation of accommodation at the Hotel guest pay 100% of the cost of the stay for extended time.

2.18. Total number of guests staying in a room must correspond to the number of places in this room.

2.19. Accommodation of children up to 6 years old (not more than 2 children) in the same room with their parents without extra bed is free of charges. Providing them with additional bed is charged according to the terms of providing of baby cot or additional bed in the room for extra charges according to the current price list.

2.20. To entry in the Hotel and receive the key of the room guest must show his card of the guest. In case of loss of the key guest must immediately inform reception staff. At the departure from the Hotel guest returns the key of the room to the manager on reception.

2.21. Visiting guests at the Hotel by third parties is permitted by mutual consent of administration of the Hotel and the guest under condition of registration on the basis of the document proving the identity. Guest must meet a visitor at the Hotel’s hall and register his visit.  Stay in the room of visitors is permitted from 7.00 till 22.00 hrs. After 22.00 hrs a visitor must leave the Hotel or formalize the accommodation. The Hotel is not responsible for visitors, invited in the room. Security service reserves the right to refuse to pass visitors without any explanations.

2.22. On the territory of the Hotel cash payment for provided services is possible only at the cash Desk of reception.

2.23. Additional services are provided to guest, and are paid by him by cash, by credit card on reception.  Information about price list of additional services is provided by reception staff.

2.24. To legal entities upon payment for accommodation and/or additional services by bank transfer the Hotel forms a preliminary bill, which is passed to the customer (or is sent to him by Fax) within one day after receipt and confirmation of written request, upon available rooms. The amount, indicated in the preliminary bill, must arrive on the Hotel’s bank account not later, than one day before guest’s arrival (unless otherwise agreement with the Hotel based on warranty letter from the customer). After guest’s departure from the Hotel, the acceptance certificate in two copies is sent to the customer by post (or by Fax) for signing. The customer sends to the Hotel by post (by Fax), on purpose 1 copy of the signed acceptance report of executed works.


2.25. Guest, as well as the Hotel can early terminate the contract. In case of early termination of the contract, under condition of full payment to the Hotel actually incurred charges, the Hotel refunds to consumer the value of unclaimed services:

  • payment by cash, by an application from consumer on working days from 10.00 till 16.00;
  • payment for Hotel services by credit cards, is made by cashless payment according to the rules of the bank. Rules of refund are at the Hotel’s reception.
  • cashless payment, by a letter from legal entity, money funds are refunded to the bank account, indicated in a letter, within 5 working days.

2.26. Upon accommodation from reception, cancellation of accommodation can be made, in case if consumer has passed the procedure of registration, but didn’t check in the room and from the moment of registration procedures have not passed more than 10 minutes.

2.27. Upon cancellation of accommodation refund to consumer of money funds can be made under condition of return to the manager the original bill-agreement, cash register receipt and guest’s card of the Hotel.

  • Cancellation of accommodation can be made by the manager in case of detection of a mistake during registration of documents (bill, cash register receipt, guest card). Instead, the manager makes a new registration of accommodation and gives a new bill, cash register receipt and guest card of the Hotel.
  • In case of cancellation or partial cancellation of reservation less than one day before guests’ arrival, and also in case of no-show at the Hotel (if the reservation wasn’t cancelled), consumer, customer is charged to pay the actual downtime of the room, but not more than the value per day for each reserved room (downtime).

3. Guests’ rights and obligations

3.1. Guest must:

  • respect the established rules of accommodation and procedure of payment for provided services by the Hotel;
  • observe cleanness, carefully treat property and equipment of the Hotel;
  • repair the damage according to signed agreement, on loss or damage of the Hotel’s property according to the current legislation of the Russian Federation. Extent of damage is determined by the price list of the Hotel on the date of discovery of damage. In case of compensation for damage, a document for compensation of damage is made in 2 copies.
  • not disturb other guests, staying at the Hotel, keep silence and order in a room, public order at the Hotel;
  • not create conditions and prevent outages of power grids, water-heater supplying systems and other technical, engineering systems and equipment of the Hotel;
  • at revealing the guest infectious deceases or at suspicion immediately vacate the Hotel room (art.33 Federal Law №52 « On the sanitary-epidemiological welfare of the population » from 30.03.1999).
  • strictly observe the rules of fire security, preventing the occurrence of fire; observe the rules of using household electrical appliances.
  • timely and fully pay provided by the executor additional services, not included in the room rate. In case of late payment by guest the value of such services, provided by the executor, their provision is terminated till the moment of full repayment of debt;
  • when leaving the room close water faucet, windows, turn off the light, TV and other electrical appliances, close the room;
  • when leaving the Hotel, make full payment for provided paid services, inform the manager of reception about the departure and leave the key.
  • upon expiration of the paid period of accommodation – vacate the room

3.2. Guest upon discovery of defects in provided service may require gratuitous elimination of defects.

3.3. At the Hotel it’s forbidden:

  • to leave in a room unauthorized persons (persons, not partied in the claimed contract of providing hotel services), and give them the key of the room;
  • to store bulky items, easy flammable materials, weapon, fetid, chemical, radioactive and explosive substances, mercury;
  • to publicly carry any kinds of civilian, military, war weapon, existing at guests at the hotel, including during the execution of their official duties, and also special devices of equipment. Guests, who have, by the nature of their activities, the right to carry and to keep weapons, on the request of Hotel administration must submit the documents, proving this right.
  • to store and unsanctioned use fireworks;
  • to use electric heaters;
  • to displace and move furniture;
  • to smoke in the rooms, public premises (halls, conference rooms etc.);
  • to build a fire in inappropriate places;
  • to take out from the «open buffet» food and utensils. Taking out of food can be allowed with accordance of responsible worker in case of unwell feeling someone of guests.
  • without special accordance of administration it’s forbidden: - to bring and to drink alcoholic beverages in public places (halls, conference rooms etc.) – to realize any services and to propose products;
  • to make commercial photos and videos. Commercial filming refers all filming, that aren’t made for household intentions of Hotel guests;
  • to bring and to drink beverages in glass container in premises, intended for provision of health-improving services;
  • to disturb the peace of the guests after 23.00 hrs and till 7.00 hrs;
  • to stand for persons with diagnosed infectious diseases or with such suspicion;
  • to pass in the Hotel visitors without registration at the reception;
  • to keep in the room animals, birds, reptiles, insects etc.
  • to entry in the Hotel and other public premises, situated on the Hotel’s territory in greasy, dirty clothes or shoes.

In case of breaking of conditions, indicated in this article, the Hotel reserves the right to stop providing of hotel services unilaterally.

4. Hotel rights and obligations

4.1. The Hotel must provide the following information to the consumer by placement in premises of the Hotel, destined to registration of temporary accommodation of consumers, and also by other ways, including on the website of the Hotel in the “Internet”, information about providing services.

4.2. The Hotel provides to guests without additional payment the following services:

  • presence in the room subjects of sanitary-hygienic equipment;
  • change of towels once in three days;
  • change of bed linen once in three days;
  • presence of TV in the room;
  • emergency call, other special services;
  • wake-up call (on request);
  • correspondence delivery to the room, addressed to the guest upon its receipt;
  • provision of boiling water, needles, threads, one kit of utensils;
  • using first aid kit;
  • provision of iron, iron desk;
  • luggage bringing (from the car to the room and from the room to the car) around-the-clock (on request);

4.3. The Hotel reserves the right to replace a room or a place at the Hotel, provided to a guest, and to ask immediate liberation previously occupied premises, in case of detection of necessary urgency maintenance, sanitary-epidemiological and other measures,  aimed to eliminate reasons, creating a threat or preventing to its normal (qualitative and safe) use.

4.4. The administration has the right to refuse the guest in providing hotel services for accommodation and to evict the guest from the Hotel in cases of violation of present rules, untimely payment for accommodation and provided additional services, manifestation from the guest’s part against the staff and other guests of aggression or actions, menacing health safety or property of other persons. Herewith the guest, the customer refunds to the Hotel actually incurred charges.

4.5. The Hotel has the right to refuse in servicing of citizens, which condition has signs of alcoholic intoxication and whom behavior may cause inconvenience to other guests at the Hotel.

4.6. The administration of the Hotel has the right to create a commission, makes inventory list of things, left by guest in a room, liable to liberation, at the ending of paid period of accommodation according to signed contract of providing hotel services. The Hotel places the property to store in the luggage storage or other suitable for this target place with imposing to the consumer all charges for its maintenance. Placing of inventory for storage is made by the administration of the Hotel in presence of the managers of reception, and also the security officers. The guest is informed about this measure by telephone, under condition, that there is guest’s telephone and he is available to receive a call.

4.7. The Hotel provides safety of personal effects belongs to guests, staying in the room, under condition of strict observance of the rules of accommodation at the Hotel and conditions, indicated in the art.3.3. of the present rules. In case of finding forgotten things, the Hotel adopts all measures to return them back to their owner, according to the established order.

4.8. For loss of money, other currency values, securities, credit and phone cards, jewelry and other valuable things, not handed on storage, the Hotel is not responsible.

4.9. The hotel has the right to store forgotten things at itself or to give it to the police. The Hotel stores forgotten things by guests during 3 months. Valuable things, and also a large sum of money are stored at the Hotel till 3 months from the filling of a form for forgotten things.

4.10. After a 3-months storage period, if the owner has not claimed for refund, the Hotel has the right at its discretion to dispose found property, except for the documents. Unclaimed found documents, issued by public authorities or local self-government, should be transferred to the police.

4.11. The guest has the right to ask for refund of forgotten things personally or by representative, and also by post or by delivery at own expense.

4.12. The Hotel is not responsible for guest’s health in case of consuming by him food and drinks, buying outside of the Hotel.

4.13. The Hotel provides full conformity to the norms of SES, other normative acts of quality of services offered by the Hotel.

4.14. The Hotel ensures the confidentially of information about guests and visitors of the Hotel.

4.15. The Hotel undertakes not to make noisy activities after 23 hrs.

4.16. The Hotel undertakes to timely respond on the guests’ requests in eliminating of inconveniences, breakdowns in the room fund of the Hotel.

4.17. Guest takes note and doesn’t object the fact of using in Hotel’s premises (except in rooms and toilets) surveillance systems.

5. The procedure for resolution of disputes

5.1. The guest book is on reception at the manager and is available on first requirement of guests.

Claims and complaints are processed within 2 working days, requiring additional inspection, no later than 15 working days from the date of filling the complaint.

5.2. In case of any disputable question, concerning the service quality, both parties should seek to resolve the issue on the spot. If the problem can’t be resolved on the spot, the guest must present its claims in written form. Nonfulfillment of this condition may be a reason for full or partial denial in satisfaction.

5.3. In case of impossibility to resolve identified failures on the spot, the act has to be filled, signing by the guest and the authorized person of the Hotel, in 2 copies with indication of all remarks.

5.4. The guest who has discovered the loss, shortage or damage of its things, without delay must inform the administration of the Hotel at the reception and fill an appropriate document. Otherwise, the Hotel is not responsible for non-safety of things.

5.5. In the absence of the aforementioned document, a complaint may not be accepted for consideration, and guest’s requirements are unfounded.

5.6. Supervision compliance with the present Rules is made by Federal service for supervision of consumer rights protection and human’s welfare.

Thank you for your comprehension and wish you a pleasant stay!